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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 17, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> steve: is that another petraeus moment? >> brian: smokers beware. smokers coming to your home? "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ snot >> that is man fastic. >> brian: outside ireland this is the place to be. the parade has been going on 1100 years. >> steve: and feels like it is 1100 hours. to say we in new york city have the largest st. patrick's parade in the world temperature is bigger than the one in dublin. >> it is not just down sixth avenue. traffic is awful and people are running around drinking too much. >> brian: straight up we start
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with a fox news alert. first carrier to carry americans outside of japan. fears over a nuclear meltdown continue to grow. crews are racing to stop the meltdown. some say it may be too late. we turn to david piper who is in the ykoto air base west of tokyo. hey, david. >>reporter: yes, desperate measures now are being taking place in the overheating reactor in the fukushima plant 120 miles northeast of here. they are using helicopters to dump huge buckets full of water on the cooling pond of the reactor. pots of two other reactors are boiling at this time. the chairman warned there is
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no water left in the spent fuel of plant number four resulting in what is extremely high radiation levels. the japanese government nevertheless have no plan to expand the 12 mile exclusion zone. the u.s. ambassador to japan said the situation is deteriorating and warned citizens to leave the area or remain indoors. the state department said the u.s. government has chartered aircraft to help americans leave japan. we are also understand that any american citizen that has no money they can get a flight out from hanita airport and that allows them to get out of the country and they can pay back the u.s. government earlier. a lot of concern amongst the japanese people of what is going on. there is fingerprintic buying of goods.
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but at this time the sensor and what people are watching is over the next 48 hours of what will happen to the nuclear plant north of here. >> brian: take precautions yourself. it there is a lot more to the story. >> steve: where do you start? we'll talk about what we are discovering. the united states government as david piper remending 50 miles from the plant to get out. you are not safe . the japanese government said 12 miles. yesterday they talked to jay carny. >> the advice that the japanese government is giving based on the inform they have is different than the advice we are giving . >> steve: are they spinning it. >> america's top nuclear
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advisor said unit four may have lost the water and significant if not. >> steve: empty. >> information is limited but he believes there is a crack in the spent fuel. that is the american side. japanese side and the nuclear safety and electric power company are denying that the water is gone . then the spokesman said the condition is stable in unit four and like you mentioned you need to evacuate if you live closer than -- >> steve: what about 25 miles. >> no, 12-19. >> brian: and going to full meltdown you have to get further than that. if they continue to allow the water to be low . water cannons and they are trying to fill it up. they know the dangerous. if they are dragging a line to
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reestablish electric power there and use it on a cooling system. if they don't, you might have a situation where you can't be around there for decades. it is just so clear, too. journalist are getting upset with the lack of information from tepco and the japanese government. as i mentioned the prime minister blew up. i am watching television and i am seeing an explosion . you don't call me up and i have to watch tape on the news. >> steve: something we are not seeing closely and referred to is the fukushima 50. there are 50 power plant personnel still on duty there. it could be as many as 180, but they go in shifts . there in japan they are folk hero. they refer to them as fukushima samari. given the level of rad yadings those people are facing in the
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reactor buildings they face increased risk of cancer or worse and there is no electricity. they are operating with flash night. >> talk about brave men. could you imagine doing this? or knowing your spouse is doing this. they are sending 50 at a time and facing toxic fires and radiation and no telling how that is going to affect them down the road. 92 five have been killed by explosion. >> brian: and a couple of them are missing. in chernobyl the 28 who did the operation and exposed to radiation. 28 were dead in three monthses and the japanese government is calling on men to step up and do it and older men to do that and saying it would be easier for them to do it because they would die of old age quicker. >> how are they really
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helping. >> steve: trying to put out the fire. >> brian: that's the problem. >> steve: one of the fukushima 50 apparently told a co-worker who leaked it to the newspaper that he was prepared to die because it was his job. >> duty. >> steve: and another worker said an e-mail to his wife. take care of yourself . i will not be home for a while. >> brian: we'll cover all facets of the story. it is noon over there. dick >> here are your headlines, a fox news alert. while you were sleeping united nations announced south korea and singapore intercepted nuclear weapon's materials headed to iran. they seized for of you suspicious tubes that are used for nuclear facility and in singa pornuclear power used for rockets was found on board.
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the united nations' committee will investigate. four of the reporters are missing in libya. steven farrell and reporter anthony shadid were last heard from on tuesday. they were covering the rebel retreat in libbia. the libya government assured that the paper if its forces have them they will be released promptly . with the clock ticking toward a government shut down. the senate is expected to stop another stop gap spending bill to keep things running through april 8th. it is the sixth time that congress passed a fiscal budget . the senate debate begins at noon eastern time and a vote
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is expected at 3:00 . republicans who control the house and democrats who control the spending are apart in the spending plans for the rest of the year. >> a chicago river is running green this st. patrick's day. dying the river is something that the city does every year. it will be plenty of green in washington as well ireland's prime minister will be a visitor . top of the stop. we'll talk about the parade making its way up avenue. >> brian: and that is nine minutes after the hour. it was overrun by the other major news story. general petraeus talked about what was happening in afghanistan and gave a bright and optmistic future. things are going well but it is fragile. i watched a lot on line.
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it was positive except for one congresswoman in peculiar. >> steve: california democrat who took to the floor for an amazing sound bite. on tuesday, congressional progressive caucus had a briefing with a rolling stone reporter by the name of michael hastings and he referred to general petraeus and compared him to a famous sit comactor . the congresswoman yesterday said it out loud. >> general petraeus is giving us the charlie sheen counter insurgent strategy and give exclusive interviews to major network and saying we are winning and hopes that the public actually agrees with you. >> brian: that is not nice and respectful. senator hillary clinton was
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questioning petraeus about the surge in iraq and it was fuel. the new york times let their feelings known with this ad and message to our general. the american general petraeus. general petraeus or general betray us? that was infamous and errorous and he told the truth. >> he dedicated his life to the our country. comparing him to charlie sheen, is that fair? >> steve: woolsey petraeus spun our withdrawal date and with all due respect to the general that is a lot of weasel word said. charlie sheen, weasel, what do you think about that kind of
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commentary from a member of congress from someone who is trying to fix things in afghanistan. >> brian: meanwhile, the u.s. sitting back as violence escalates in libya. families of lockerbie bomber feels that the white house is putting oil before the truth. >> how is this happening? [ male announcer ] escape convention. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay
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for 80 years, we've been inspireby you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where u want to be. ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. ♪ >> smokers can't light up in restaurants and bars in our count rye and in new york city may may not be allowed to snoke in their homes. condos and co-ops are trying to ban smoke indoors.
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here is steven michaelson a board president favors the smoking man and audrey silk for citizens lobby against smoker harass: morning. steven defend this. you are telling people and new york city to tell people they are not allowed to smoke in condos and co-op buildings. >> i want my building to tell us that and not the government. based on the fact we get constant complaints of the smoke. >> we pay upwards for $4000 for a small 1200 foot apartment. you tell people what they can do? >> if it is infringing on the
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owners and friendds around them. >> i get people complaining my high heels and the lady next door complains if my tv is too loud. >> we stand on a principle and a consistent principle that private property owners have the right to make rules in the end. however, it's my place to say wrong that is and why that shouldn't be done and why these are squeaky wheels that are making it an issue based on the antismoking crusade that is trying to influence the condos. >> i will say let's say i have a baby and i don't not second-hand moke and protect my family. he has a good point. >> no, it is no scientific
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evidence whatsoever that smoke from one person's apartment is harming anybody else in the other apartment. >> is that true. >> i am not a scientist and so i can't answer that. i can tell you smorks congregreat and smoke going from one apartment to another that can be not only a health hazard but distasteful when people are trying to keep the apartments clean and free from smoke. >> what is the latest and the next step here. >> for me. >> for the government. when do we find out if it takes affect. >> i know our building is putting together a proxy to ban the smoking from the building. that would be a decision based on the unit owners. >> thanks for being with us this morning. have a good one and happy st.
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patrick's day. >> coming upment families of the victims of locker by bombing are worried that the white house is sitting back because of the interest of oil . a brand new call to close it down. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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>> steve: now headlines for you on st. patrick's day. the lab technician accused of killing a yale grad student is expected to take a plea deal laterr today. raymond clark will plead guilty for strangling her less than a week before she was to be married. a immigrant accused of killing a army colonel.
6:23 am
karlos sanchez ram oz caused the fatal crash this week. he was deported but had slipped back in the country. >> brian: the white house appears to be standoth on libya and debating in the u.n. . now families of the lockerbie victims are accusing the administration of sitting back and putting u.s. oil interest in libya. this is the father of a lockerbie victim and first of all paul, the president called for al-gaddafi to leave. doesn't that show that your theory is wrong? >> well, he did that over two weeks ago now. but hasn't follow today up. without, without action, al-gaddafi has shown he only responds to force or the imminent threat of force. >> brian: you think part of the reason we have not done
6:24 am
anything more than use word exercise call him mr. al-gaddafi and ask him to leaf is because of the oil interest? >> well, all i know we spent 50 billion dollars for the exploration rights to his regime and he's been rearmed mostly with british arms and a lot of secret deals and probably an interest in seeing the stuff not uncovered. >> brian: so the oil exploration we reestablish operation because he give up the nuclear program and the brits did the same thing. since the rise of the rebels, you think that there is something behind the u.s. on the sidelines and let the french and arab push for hisoltster and we let the debate rage. >> i are no great information. but yesterday one of the major
6:25 am
oil companies is calling for lifting of sanctions now that he reconquered the oil areas and they have been pushing for this. >> brian: is this intensely personal for you, paul. you lost a family member and all of the group lost family members and we seem indifferent to al-gaddafi's future and unlike how serious we took saddam hussein and continue to look at bin laden? >> yes, this has occupied us for offer 20 years now. justice is a longg process but it needs to come to an end. and freedom is not free. no fly zones worked effectivelyy in yugoslavia and we didn't do it in iraq and we ended up with a war. >> brian: the u.n. could not come up with a decision and said a no fly zone would not be enough if they move forward with military action and
6:26 am
supposed to resolve that debate today. paul hudson, shanks for sharing your story and we are following this and find out what happens with al-gaddafi. >> hopefully we'll draww a line in the sand. >> brian: i was hoping we had done that already but haven't. >> ainsley:> a dire warning from american officials as americans are fleeing jap japp. >> steve: i bus driver fired for decorating his bus with a confederate flag. is that fair >> ainsley: we are celebrating the st. patrick days. 92 first i am hearing about it. star of csi new york gares sinise is 56 today.
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anniversary of new york famed parade and the drill deem will march in the parade today. the members of the drill team are here to kick off festivities. >> good morning. >> steve: how many guys and gals in uniform. >> 220. >> steve: you are based out of bowling and washington d.c. . you are going to be here for the st. paddies' day parade. where do you perform. >> naval district and we travel in world wide military sporting events and what not. >> steve: i have to say, i have seen you many times it is thrilling. what are you about to drill here on me? >> this is part of our regular performance call it the cube of carnage. 92 cube of carnage. where will that come from?
6:32 am
>> you will find out short >> steve: any adrice for me. >> don't flench. >> steve: they have bayonets. has anyone lost a nose. >> steve: all rightt. the cube of carnage. they're real bayonets and sharp. >> steve: oh. >> steve: i don't know if i had to shave today.
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>> brian: hey, steve. i dropped a quarter down there. would you bow down and pick it up? >> steve: oh, no. not right now. >> brian: don't move. they are good. steve, you can stop sweating now. >> brian: they are good. three of the guys were new, it is theirr first day. >> steve: that was awesome. >> brian: all right. >> ainsley: come on inside. >> steve: that was close shave. >> brian: we'll bringg you in here and change your underwear. now your headlines. >> ainsley: thank you, brian. first chartered flight taking americans out of japp jap is taking off from the tokyo airport . and the u.s. state department will send as many planes as it take to get u.s. citizens out of that country. the move comes after a
6:34 am
startling report from the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission. radiation levels from japan's failing nuclear reactors are higher than japanese are admitting. dow jones lost 242 points yesterday . nasdaq and s&p 500 also feel fueling fears that the nation's fragile economic recovery could be going off track. brian. >> brian: in the wake of the crisis in japan, new york's governor ordered a fuel review of the safety of the indian point nuclear power plant. >> the indian power point is susceptable to earthquake because reactor number three was on a fault. that was surprizing to me. >> brian: the plant is 45 miles north of times square . people divided over the usefulness versus its safety. >> ainsley: terminally ill
6:35 am
child baby joseph is expected to have surgery this morning. it will allow him to be connect to a portable breathing machine and cent home. the 13 month old is in a hospital in st. luse, missouri and he was rescued from a hospital in canada by a group called priests for life. and believe it or not joseph was a few hours from being taken off of life support in canada . they had said there was nothing mordoctors being do to help him. he will go home alive. that's great. oregon school bus driver wants his job back with pay. he was fired because he would not take the rebel flag. he said it is a life style and not a statement. the school argues that the flag is insensitive to minorities. >> brian: what is happening in the ports. mohamed ali not afraid to
6:36 am
speak up as a muslimb-american. he called on ahmadinejad for the release of two american hikers that are held captive. they are held on espipon age charges. this is the second letter ali wrote asking for l release. he has yet to hear back from iran at all. if there is no nfl season. chad ocho cinco is ready to playy soccer. i will play on the mls team sporting kansas city on march 22nd . thanking inch involve would specially the coach herpes. he invited him to a play am. he deprew up in madrid playing
6:37 am
spain. he is a big star in america. >> steve: that's crazy. >> brian: if he gets hurt he will be cut. >> ainsley: i would have said real instead of reall. >> brian: i have one more story left. star of the ncaa tournament. one of the surprising showing was virginia common wealth and southern cal. they didn't play last yearr due to ncaa violation and will not play anymore. bcu won. 59-46 . will play georgetown in the second roundd. >> ainsley:> who are you picking. >> brian: i am picking chriss wallace. bill tucker will join us . macalenny. he is one of the staros fx >> ainsley: i want to be on the radio show.
6:38 am
>> brian: i will being. but during the tv show we have a special guest. mr. #1: we do with gas prices on the rise. what is important. energy look or environment. more americans say developing energy supplyies should take precedent or prioritiy over protecting the environment when they are at ads that. is a striking contrast. so what happens. >> gas prices, that's what happened and changed everything. the recent spike delivered inflation to us . everyone knows it and feels it. this is a wake-up call to the authorities . because i don't think the message of how much voters care about gas prices has gotten through to the authorities . ben bernanke is saying we don't have inflation. he's not worried about inflation even though you can
6:39 am
feel it president obama has done nothing about the gas prices. that is why you have a reverse. people cared more about the environmentt and less about energy supplyies. that is reversed. 50-411 mome want more energy even if it is at the pence of the environment. >> ainsley:> you can kill two birds with one stone. we have 10 times the amount of natural gas with that route with the trains. >> you can't just do that in the immediate future. >> ainsley:> are we heading in that direction? >> american has a hundred year supply of natural gas and that is obviously the upand coming fuel. for now voters care about gas prices and it is given us inflation and that's why the stock market was down yesterday. >> brian: and it is not so much the saudies are upping the price. this is unprecedented unrest
6:40 am
with the people who give us the oil. you can't predict what will happen in three months. >> you have no clue. this is a supply and demand situation on the world stage. you don't are control over it. but you have to pay the price. i think it is 3.57 today and the national average for regular unleaded gas . four dollar gas in nine states. >> brian: your show is free we believe. >> oh, yes. if we could charge we would. >> brian: i would expect you to come up with a way. >> latest on yap japp. nuclear fall out and what is happening with your stock market. opening bell, we got it >> ainsley: well, a college changing policy and illegal immigrants are eligible for major tuition breaks; is that fair in your opinion. >> steve: two cops make a break for it as a sweding car
6:41 am
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>> ainsley: happy st. patrick's day and don't forget to wear green. a close call for police officer in st. louis. directing traffic away fromm an accident when a car plowed in to their tow car. they jumped out of the way . the information for movie hurt locker is suing. the senator sugjected him to rid cull of his bomb making skills. >> steve: illegal immigrants are allowed to enjoy and pay the same rates as residents, in state tuition. nuthe college is in hot water over the decision as the officials urge the school to reconsider. >> hi, steve.
6:45 am
how are you? >> steve: fine. this story is going to get people awake this morning. they are saying if you are in the country illegallly. cupay in state tuition. >> you can pay in conty tuition if you live in morris county and you can pay out of county if you are an outof county illegall alien. >> steve: what is the difference. >> in countryy rate 3900 . out of county is 6300 . out of state is 9200. >> steve: what bothers you about this? >> we subsidize len.6 million to the county college and we are using tax dollars and citizen tax dollars for that subsidy and we are subsidizing illegal -- i don't want to say illegall activity but they are illegal and that seems to be
6:46 am
the problem. >> steve: tom, what about the fact and the estimate that it could impact 30 or 40 or 50 kids who go to the college. look, they have gone through the public school system and we paid for their education in the public level. why not college. >> new jersey is generous in providing education for this group k-12. to consider that is another entitle we are way overboard in entitlements in the state ofiersiers and we are trying to pull all of that back and our greatt governor is tryying to keep spending under control and the last thing we need to give him is another entitlement. >> steve: if they are going to give illegals in county tuition rate why not give people who are out of work a break. where do you draw the line. >> we have to draw the line.
6:47 am
lookats what happened over president regan and he gave amnesty after that. the more breakks that you get, you are going to continue to see this type of activity. i think we have got to stop it here. there is a human fact to this. we have to consider the human side of it. you feel bad but the bottom line it is citizen dollars and those come first. >> steve: what about the vet who served abroad and comes back and try to get in morris county college and the class is full because it has a number of illegals in there paying in county tuition rates. >> brian: when you say that. the vet from afghanistan or iran and anywhere else and needs to get into a classs . we have got three or four undocumented can illegals and whatever you want to term them in that class. what do you do then, bump them
6:48 am
out for the citizen, my guess would be yes. >> steve: you are asking the county college to consider having them pay out of county rates? >> we are asking the county to have them pay out of state rates. we have our funding from the county and we have state funding under 12 and this year four million dollars . we watch that with another four million. we are looking at out of state. >> steve: keep us posted. >> i will and i appreciate you having me on. >> steve: happy st. patrick's day. >> you got it. >> steve: a hart warming story from the rubble in japan. wait until you see what that dog does for his fellow canine. >> and a plume of radioactive smoke could hit the united states west coast. antiradiation pills are selling out. should you take them. our medical aid team is up next.
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>> brian: united nations health expert said the radiation plume coming from the nuclear reactors could cross the pacific and come to california as earliads friday. still concerned consumers are stocking up on potassium iodine just in case. >> if there is a melt down, i am just worried that winds are blowing west. >> we heard that it will help to protect our thyroid from radiation. >> i feel strongly that there is a high likelihood we will have radiation coming from japan. >> ainsley: so will these pills protect you. here to explain it all. is the doctor from the medical-ateam. do we need to take the pills.
6:53 am
it is coming to the west coast and could hit it by friday, tomorrow. should we need to be taking the pills. >> i don't think so. the whole radiation spike to reachh all the way over the pacific ocean to come to california, the likelihood of that is low and important for people not to panic. you don't need to take the pill. they are their own side affects. we are going on the emergency guidelines that are given in the country and i want to repeat again. there is no reasonn to rush to the pharmacis and buy the potassium iodine. it is a risk where the radioactive materials are in japan and they are at risk. they are talking about 6 miles and pushed it to 12 and 30 and now 50 . we are getting mixed messages from there. it is hard to know the amount of radiation that is coming in. two factors are important. amount of rapiation and also
6:54 am
the distance. over 6000 miles over the pacific ocean and dilution and factor to come to california. >> brian: you know symptoms that are standard for people exposed too long. first exclusively nausea and vomiting and diarrhea. you could have suffered from additional exposure. >> yes, that is a immediate symptom after being exposed. and then seizure and coma and hair loss and skin irritation and like a sun burn kind of issue. if you have these symptoms, obviously be protective and be seeing your doctor and take the pills. >> ainsley: you can feel healthy but develop loss of opposite. >> they are short-term obviously . what happening over time all radiation will get obsorved
6:55 am
and there is 137 and that is another element that will stay in the area for life of 30 years and that will cause leukemia, bone marrow and affected and lung cancer and breast cancer . children are exposed to this because of cells growing fast. >> brian: we look at 50 people rotating in and find out what is happening in there. i am surprised we don't have a radiation protective suit. >> i am sure the goys are wearing these suits and all prayers goes to japanese and these guys who are heroes. >> brian: but there is no perfect protection suit. >> hard to protect it by wearing suits. you are talking about massive amounts of radiation. >> brian: you are worried about the reporters? >> i am.
6:56 am
during the year we get two milicvert. a thousand is chest radiation is when you get cancer . a reporter who is going to do a good job would take a chance. california we are safe. don't panic. >> ainsley: but shepherd smith has it on hand but hasn't started take yet. >> dependog his location you want to take that. if you are exposed protect your thyroid . these medications are not protecting the rest of the your body. >> brian: meanwhile coming up straight ahead here today. america is watching the looms nuclear meltdown and crisis in libya and budget break down. and where is the president. has obama gone awol.
6:57 am
>> ainsley:> one senator wants 100 nuclear plantt in the u.s.. the republicans are here to explain that, stay with us. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer.
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>> wearing your green this morning. i amainsley earnhart. soring radiation levells stopped another attempt to cool down the reactor. america is telling their citizen to get out. >> brian: it is a yearr since the health care plan passed . nancy pelosi is ready to celebrate. are we really better off? we'll break it down. mr. #1: oops they did it again. tsa creeners must have missed this big knife. it slipped through security.
7:01 am
kid wants an apple. "fox and friends" for st. patrick's day continues now. ♪ how cool is that the keltic cross. >> brian: it is amazing. the white house painted the fountain green. foo food color. not iodine. >> brian: here's the thing. i think like halloween st. patrick's day is a holiday that is growing through my lifetime . more and more people claim to be irish. 92 you said this morning. >> brian: scotch irish. >> steve: you have scotch in you. >> ainsley: i am glad you wore the green as a child you get
7:02 am
pinched if you didn't wear green. >> brian: no, i remember kiss me i'm irish. >> ainsley: you wore them every st. patrick's day. >> brian: i always did. today is a fascinating day. michael flatly lord of dance will be on our show. >> ainsley: you should do it with him. >> steve: i don't have the right shoes. thank you for joining us. we have a busy and serious day . we start with a fox news alert. high radiation levels have forced ground crews to stop their work in japan's failing fukushima nuck clear reactor site. it is an effort to prevent a meltdown. we turn to david piper who is in the ykota air base west of the tokyo, dave?
7:03 am
>>reporter: good morning, these are desperate times for the people of jap yap and desperate measures underway trying to cool down the reactors in the fukushima plant. earlier today they used helicopter from the japanese army and dumping huge buckets of sea water on the cooling ponds for the spent rods that are overheating and two other of the ponds are boiling at this time x. so when i heard from you that the emergency teams had to pull back again, we can see and understand that this is getting to be a dangerousuation. chair of the nuclear regulation. warned that there was no water left in the spent fuel number four reactor and he said that is extremely high the temperature there and that means more radiation could be leakking from that one as well operaters of tokyo power
7:04 am
electric are working to finish a power line that could restore power systems to the plant f. they manage to do that, that could cool the reactors very quickly. nevertheless, they have no plan to expand the 12 mile exclusion zone around the plant. but the u.s. ambassador to yap jap said thuation was deteriorating and wants u.s. citizens within 50 mimes from the complex to leave the area or remain indoors. the japanese people are concerned about this situation and they are stock piling food and clearing the of things like batteries. this is taking away the pockus of the mass itch relief effort that we see in the air base in yap jap . the troops are being moved up there and frankly, it is so cold here, it is very difficult to see anybody surviving away from the
7:05 am
emergency shelters, back to you. >> steve: david piper live to the west of tokyo. how bad has it gotten there? the emperor of japan went on television for the first time ever and essentially what he said. "i hope things will not get". >> brian: that's an interesting form of leadership. hope . peter johnson will have this in 12 minutes. it is press is fed up with the japanese government and the prime minister is fed up with tepco and u.s. scientist have a different conclusion than what the japanese are saying. iaea . the world body on nuclear weapons and nuclear technology, shouldn't they be there right now and leading this? they are suppose to have the most advanced scientist. they don't even go. >> steve: they are just making forecast and later today, it sounds as if, if there is
7:06 am
radio activity in any of the cloudss from japan wafting to the east it would hit thandulousians and hit the western u.s.. >> ainsley: japanese are saying we have it under control and not telling the whole truth according to the journalist over there. americans are saying this is dangerous and we need to take precautions and american nationals are being evacuated out of japan. itate department and pentagon families, they are boarding planes as we speak right now and heading back to the u.s.. right now 600 american familis and the state department is going to provide transportation out and for those citizens and people in japan, american citizens who don't have a way to get out. maybe they will find room on the plane for them. >> steve: they are urging people to consider evacuating and bring in charter flights
7:07 am
for people having trouble getting out . talk about the plann itself. currently hundreds of people who worked there until last week. now it is down to perhaps 180 and at any time during the course of the day or not. there are probably 50 men on duty who are dubbed the fukushima 50 or the fukushima samurai because begin the levels of radiation in there, some say they face certain death or at least the risk of cancer later. >> brian: right, u.s. personnel said can you get more people in there, please urging the japanese. 92 how do you get member to commit suicide. >> brian: it could be happening. that is part of the job. you got to know that is the risk of working in a nuclear power plantt and you are an engineer and that's what you do . you are saving a population and maybe a country. guys crawling through dark mazes and armed with flash
7:08 am
lights and radiation detectors with tanks on their back trying to assess the reasons for the fires and amountt of cooling that is inside and the exposure of the rods. >> ainsley: there are sweet stories, they are true heroes risking their lives to help the japanese government. this is a great and sweet story if you are a dog lover which i am sure you are. this dog in japp jap. shivering and disorienting stays by the side of the ailing friend. you can see him on the ground and he's nudging him saying get up. get up. >> steve: people saw the healthy dog and trying to rescue him and the dog wouldn't leave because he was protecting the other dog. news is both dogs were rescued and. dog that is down is in a veterinary hospital and they are both in the town of meto.
7:09 am
>> brian:leyy tell us what is happening. >> ainsley: another fox news aletterr. ip didips announced south korea and singapore intercepted nuclear materials headed to iran. south korea officials seized more than 400 suspicious tubes that are used for nuclear facilities and in singapore nuclear powder found on a ship bound for iran. the u.n. and sanctions committee will begin an investigation this morning. new york time said that four journalist reporting on the conflict in libya are missing. lindsay ottrio and tyler hicks and steven farrell and prize winning reporter in burette anthony shadid were heard from on tuesday . they were covering the rebel
7:10 am
retreat. if they are taken to tripoli, they may be released. and a passenger on board of a flight with a huge steak knife. you can see the blade is about the size of the dollar bill. the woman found it inside of her son's stroller. she turned herself in. >> the mother must have put it in there so she could cut up apple slices for the child on the plane. it comes weeks after tsa agents allowed a flight with three box cutters similar to those used in 9/11 . a clock tiking to a government shut down. the senate will pass a bill to keep things running through april eighth. it is the sixth time since it started six months ago . that begins at noon eastern
7:11 am
time and a vote expected at 3:00. house and senate are 50 dollars apart on the spending plane. >> brian: a lot coming up this hour. for example, how much you pay for a perfect pet. this dog is worth more than a million bucks. mr. #1: and a nuclear meltdown in japan and violence in libya and a budge stand still. many say the president is going awol and playing golf and filling out his bracket. the debate about that, next . the smell of home made chili whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes... keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
7:12 am
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7:14 am
>> steve: libya in crise yis stock market collapsing and the president took deceasive action. he named duke, ohio state and
7:15 am
pittsburgh as his final four. he made a decision today. >> steve: oh, boy. where has the president been gone awol? for a fair and balanced debate as we look live at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we have request juan william joining us from dc and here in new york citian drea. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: juan, an drea feels that the president has gone awol and we heard about him in the no fly wrone in libya and talked about much about what is going on in japan. these are two big things. >> we have heard from the president. he's clearr about al-gaddafi and libya and the u.n. and now european nations are going to coordinate with the united states on a no fly wrone. we are making progress. but a lot of this, people who want to cancel st. patrick's
7:16 am
day and say the sky is falling. what do you want the president to do? >> steve: you said the president made it clear he wants al-gaddafi to step down. the french is taking a lead on this. >> no. the president would like to have. >> steve: just say no flyy zone. >> you can't do it. we have a conservative republican secretary of defense who said it is far more involved and would pose a threat to the american military to get involved and 90 percent of the americans don't want a third war in a muslim country. >> steve: an drea, yesterday on espn he had his brackets and last weekend out for hours golfing once again. >> yeah, it makes him look unserious and not a good visual and i am sure juan would agree with that. he does on the serious and
7:17 am
sense tiff issues he gots mia. he was in hawaii and we waited for him to respond. even the democrats are asking where is the president on budget. he is a community organizers and one of his best skills. he should be organizing a coalition with the french and british to put pressure on libyans. you can't go out and make statements, it is like he cares about moral preening and being the most self rightous guy in the room. >> he is organizing just what you called for. >> it is weeks juan. no he's not. al-gaddafi is gaining major ground. >> look at the papers and his schedule. even on where you are right on an drea on the budget issue. i think everybody would like to see him say we have to talk about entitlements and serious cuts. there it is his leadership
7:18 am
style is detached. he will not open himself to attacks from republicans that he wants to start death panels. >> he is a self preivation president and only weighs in when he thinks it will affect his base. he waded in on wisconsin. i need that state and unions. but on the other stuff we should be thanking above we don't have a real crisis on our hands because we are in trouble. >> you better come visit washington all of the politicians are about retaining. >> we can agree on that for sure. >> i wish they would put country first. i don't know why you pick on obama. >> they are not picking out bracket golfing. >> they have so many fundraisers it is headlines in the budget. >> steve: this is a fair and balanced debate. juan and an drea thank you for
7:19 am
joining. >> happy st. patricks. mr. #1: what do you think has the president gone awol. e-mail us. getting solid information out of the japanese government is tough. who is in charge if there is a nuclear meltdown in the united states. you heard of cut throat pirates how about cut rate pirates and offering discounts on hostages. wait until you hear about this so-called deal. [ male announcer ] escape convention.
7:20 am
introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green.
7:21 am
7:22 am
>> brian: here is your news by the numbers. 20 percent is the discount somoli pirates are requesting. they are cutting prices because they are overstocked.
7:23 am
next students admitted in the university of the delaware because of a computer glitch. the school apologized and latest, 1.5 million the dog is in china. it is a tibetian and a perfect breed from the ancient world which was my favorite world and an entire staff caring for the pup. talking about perfect here isainsleyy. >> ainsley: news alert this morning, japan trugling to prevent a total nuclear melt down. there are questions about how that situation is handled by the japanese government. so what if it were to happen here in the united states? >> the advice that the japanese government is giving based on the information it has. is different than the advice we were giving if this happened in the united states of america.
7:24 am
>> ainsley: different information from here. how would it be different. our analyst takes a look. >> happy st. patrick's day. i hope there would be different advice. people of japan and people of the world are subjected to deception over the last week. we have no idea what is going on in that particular plan. if an emergency were to occur. two major agenciys would step in. the nuclear regulatory meeting. a former science to congressmen who are saying that the japanese are get wrong and saying that americans need to move away many more than what the japanese are saying and department of the homeland security and fema that is headed up by janet napolitano. there would be interrelationships with the governors in a particular
7:25 am
state in which was involved and utility company that owned the particular facility. >> ainsley: this could happen here. we have 104 facility and 74 of those on fault line in california and missouri, how do we know it will not happen here. >> the disturbing and the nrc needs to step up to the plate and making americans better aware. you can go to see information as to what they are doing in problems in particular plants. we know that the indian point nuclear facility north of new york city is the most dangerous in the country with regard to an earthquake risk. >> ainsley: how many. >> 23 miles and ranked number one. we also know that only one-third of the nuclear facilities in america have detailed studies with regard to earthquake aint to with stand an earthquake that. is an astounding number.
7:26 am
just one third is a chance foritous move ahead not in a democrat or republican way but in a way that protects americans. we have seen in the past even in conventional accidents and utilitiy plants in the u.s., there is a propensit competent desire for utility companies not to tell the truth and with hold information. there is a culture that the machinery must go on and power must continue and we have dynamic attention in terms was what is going on in the facility. what we are seeing in japan, it takes suicide teams to prevent a meltdown. hundreds of people may die that have worked in and around that plant in order to save a nuclear meltdown and we don't finish they can. >> ainsley: wow, keep watching. good to see you peter. steve and brian outside, to you guys.
7:27 am
>> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: we have a lot going on. despite the scare in japan one senator wants to build 100 more plants in the united states. republican lamar alexander explains. >> steve: inspired by irish fork lore these dancers are in high demand. lord of the dance here to perform live here on st. patrick's day. he is dancing. >> we've got a flood. hits the road, the nose the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ cl 1-800-steemer
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> 11 members of the drill team are live on the plasa today in new york city to march in the st. patrick's day parade that kicks off in midtown manhattan and they performed the cube of carnage where those guns were just flipping inches away from nigh snose. they are real professionals and i am fine. >> steve: you said you don't have to save had this morning.
7:32 am
they will get a thrill to see them in action. >> ainsley: now the headlines. ground crews are starting to use water cannon to cool the plant's reactors despite warnings that radiation levels are high. first chartered flight carrying americans from japan are taking off from the airport. the u.s. will send as many plains as it takes. there is a startling report from the nuclear regulatory commission that said it is higher than nease is admitting. dow jons lost 242 points and nasdaq and s&p 500 fell fueling fears that the nation's fragile economic recoveryy could be going off track. brian to you. >> brian: u.s. lawmakers want
7:33 am
to reexamine the nuclear policy and our next guest wants to build more nuclear power plants. joining us is tennessee republican lamar alexander. you heard the latest news, you will not be diswaded. build more and learn from this in the process. >> that's exactly right, brian. if we want a lot of reliable clean electricity in the united states, i don't see any other choice. we have had gas explosions and coal and oil spills and deaths have come from those and the united states and 104 commercial reactors we never had a death and operating nuclear reactor in our navy since the 1950s and had one bad accident in three mile island and not a single person was hurt. we need to learn from japan, but go ahead with our own power program. >> we understand that we have not built a new plant since
7:34 am
1979 . we have some to be build in georgia. you have france, germany and you have china, reexamining nuclear energy right now and the safety of the our plants around the globe. isn't that a warning sign that we should heed and examine what we have before we build new ones. >> we are no danger of building new ones it is going through careful study and safety designs for the new plants that we'll be building and they will take into all of france is 80 percent nuclear power. they are comfortable with nuclear power. if you want clean electricity, 70 percent of our electricity that has no sulphur or notice trogen or murkry comes from nuclear power in the united states. >> brian: we know the new york times and senators were for nuclear .
7:35 am
it is bipartisan in support. meanwhile, i want you to move on to a spending showdown taking place in the senate. the debate begins on the continuing resolution as we try to get a budget plann to get us to september 30th let alone what president released for 2012. >> on the republican side we are trying to get the government to stop spending more than what we have. we will pass today a 6 billion cut. what we are going to do after this, i think pass a bill that reduces spending for the entire year. we are senmonths away . busy setting limits on long-term spending. >> brian: i know one thing. senator markio rubio has had it and doesn't want to vote for a temporary spending bill and won't. does this show a fracture in the republican party because they are agreeing with the
7:36 am
house and tired of the band aids. >> he wants more cuts and i am trying to do the same. i will vote for 6 billion in cuts for two weeks instead of voting against 6 billion. taking smaller step right direction is good idea to get where we want to go. >> brian: vipe biden whistered in the lapel and said this is a big (bleeping) deal and now we have a year of passage of health dare. where are we at now with this? >> we are where we predicted. we said a year ago premiums would go up and they have . taxes would go up and they have . medicare would be cut and 11 billion beneficenceys of medicare advantages that are losing that . man dates on statesment. we have expanded a health care system thatt costs too much
7:37 am
instead of reducing it so people can afford to buy insurance. >> steve: today nancy pelosi is taking a bow for that historic moment. should she be. >> it was history, but it was a historic mistake. >> it will be decided in the cowers to decide whether they can man date it. if they can't man date it is no plan. you will be busy guy as usual. >> brian: and go to steve. >> steve: we have headlines for you right now. new information from police in the case was a missing arizona girl is ashley kingsberry. she is in danger. she had an on line relationship with a 19 year old boy jordan anthony. he picked her up in arizona and drove off. the couple was last potted driving through texas.
7:38 am
her parents reported her missing on monday. police asked her if you have seen her call 911. >> ainsley: group acorn now bankrupt but that is not stopping them from taking money from her. past two years, acorn has been with drawing money from her account. hundreds of dollars even though she tried to cancel her membership. and the lawyer for acorn doesn't know who is taking the money since acorn no longer has a bank account. >> steve: where is it going? the army is expanding the definition of concussion and that means thousands of medals will go to soldiers that denied them in the past. the army is seeking a review of the case f. they were reyected for the purple heart. >> ainsley: french grumble on this one. the u.s. is number one wine
7:39 am
nation in the world. americans bought nine million more cases of wine than the french did. impts that is a lot of cork. >> ainsley:> french still drink more wine per person than americans. >> brian: they have a head start a three hour lunch . three month vacations. you just sit there and. >> ainsley: what are we doing here? >> brian: i am not sure. we have to work in order to buy the wine. you are better off french if you are french. 92 and this is where john stossle has a way to get the federal government to stop wasting money, start shouting. >> why are you spending all of our money and telling us what to do? did it work? was he arrested. john stossil will be with us.
7:40 am
>> brian: bring your bull horn. >> ainsley: and in new york city. looked like pirates. michael flatly from lord of the dance performing. >> brian: sitting on the side staring at them making sure they don't have the mistake. i have that same outfit but not with me. ♪  ♪ proud to stand on our own
7:41 am
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7:44 am
yearainsley. >> ainsley: thank you, brian. national debt at 14 trillion and going up as you know. john stossle is heading to washington to complainn about mesh america financial crise thisitment >> they keep spending more and passing more rules and micromanaging every piece of our lives and makes me want to yell. why are you spending all of our mon yetelling us what to do. stop micromanaging us. >> steve: is anybody lining to that >> no. they are not lining. i am going to yell stop spending the money. >> steve: you have your own megaphone. you want washington to stop. where do you stop? >> we show how to cut the
7:45 am
budget back to zero deficit. if they slowwed the growth to two percent we would balance the budget by 20 thereto 20. >> ainsley: that seems doable. >> not for them. education department. republicans talked about getting rid television. we ship fund toz washington and they ship them back. look at the track record of the department. i think we have a chart up here. spending has gone up sphedly more than doubling and at the bottom colored lines and that is the reading . lat lines are math scores. >> steve: spending sky rocketeted and scores have flat lined. >> how much is the federal education department helping us? >> steve: good question. >> after running new york school system. joe kline knows testing are steginant. it is a monoply.
7:46 am
customers have no choice. >> part of the reason is, we are run egg state run monoply and not giving people choices. >> no one watching this doesn't insist on choice for his or her kids . no one said whatever the neighborhood school it is crummy, i will go there. people insists on choice. why should the poorest and most challenged get a one and done approach to public education. >> he's right. choice works inn all parts of our lives. we attach the mon tote kids, they have a choice and schools get better. >> steve: we have powerful unions. >> biggest contributor to the politicians and. >> steve: i am entitle to tenure and everybody gets paid the same and you can't fire me. >> ainsley: when can they move me. >> they moved my show to 10:00
7:47 am
tonight to make room for lou dobs. >> ainsley: you dent get arrested. >> steve: excellent job john stossle. we thank you on st. patrick's day. >> steve: this could double as a dunce hat. >> ainsley: how did you get that on the plan. >> we shipped it. >> steve: top in afghanistan compared to the hollywood bad boy. >> general petraeus is giving us charlie sheen counter insurgency strategy. 92 that was a u.s. congresswoman on the floor of the u.s. house. the story coming up. >> ainsley: first on this day in 1756. st. patrick's day was first celebrated here in new york city. ♪
7:48 am
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>> what a better way to celebrate st. patrick's . lord of the dance. >> we have danced and michael flatly is here with us today. were you concerned they would not let you go. >> ainsley: i know. i love him. i love him. happy st. patricks. >> brian: you are out in 3d.
7:52 am
>> we are in america and so proud of it. it is a dress for years and years and great to see the talented people on the big screen. thank god. >> steve: if it is three dead i imagine they come close. >> we stay away from the tricks and gimmicks and elquantly done and powerful. >> brian: your parents were concerned about the iroots and they put you in dance. >> yes, it was. thank god for all of the young people. irish dance is now global. we sell out big arenas from mexico and tokyo to texas. people who can't get to those arena can see it in the local theater. >> ainsley: we are glad you are back. >> 2006 was terrible it is a serious come back for me. >> steve: what is that.
7:53 am
no one diagnosed it. they tested me for everything. could you have been exhausted. >> i am sure i have toured for 15 years, i have been doing i am back and i know this is david and goliath and we are against hollywood giants, but we have a great product. come and see the movie. >> brian: costumes are theme of>> this is good versus evil theme. the girls loved it and they brought the house down in the theater let's take a look. michael flatly brings us lordd of the dance. ♪
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ [applause] >> brian: error have nice. >> ainsley: good job. >> steve: hey michael moments ago on the "fox and friends" a guy standing next to me said this. listen, today is a fascinating day because michael flatlyy, lord of dance will be on our show. that is my nickname. >> ainsley: let's see who is better. >> you have the right shoes. >> brian: most of the my tap
7:56 am
dance nothing the sand. here's the thing. movie comes out and series of events from dublin and berlin. >> and london. yimpt london and all out on 3d. theme of this was fighting to save ireland. >> that's right. 92 check out the movie. >> ainsley:. >> brian: i have to redo mine. 92 and straight ahead on st. patrick's day. they said it would happen and no one listened. we'll talk life with the engineer who lost his job because he was worried about the safety of the fukushima reactor. >> ainsley: ancy pelosi said the spending debate is not about money but really morality. really? >> brian: can we dance ourselves out. >> ainsley: why not. ♪
7:57 am
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>> ainsley: welcome back. it's march 17. st. patrick's day. i'm ainsley earhart. a fox news alert. touch and go in gentleman preponderance as emergency crews are trying to stop that nuclear meltdown. americans being told get out. while the japanese government has a different message for its own residents. >> steve: then nancy pelosi says the spending debate on capitol hill is not about money. it's about morality. really? michelle malkin weighs in straight ahead. >> brian: when it comes to winning, one congresswoman says general petraeus is drinking the same tiger blood as charlie sheen.
8:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now ♪ . >> steve: look at that, south lawn of the white house, they've been doing this for a number of years. they have dumped a bunch of food coloring in it and it's geyser green. >> brian: don't lick the carp. >> steve: it's probably just good advice any day. >> ainsley: exactly. bottom feeders, right? >> steve: thanks very much for joining us on this thursday. we start with a fox news alert. ground crews in japan's failing nuclear complex have started using water cannons to try to cool down the plant reactors. this despite warnings that radiation levels on the ground are dangerously high. the white house now working to bring americans back home from japan. more on that, we go to wendell goler who is live at the white house.
8:02 am
wendell? >> steve, after saying for several days that americans in japan should follow the recommendations of the japanese government, a split opened yesterday when the head of the nuclear regulatory commission said americans should evacuate 50 miles from the crippled nuclear reactor instead of the 20 miles the japanese are recommending. that immediately raised questions about whether the japanese have lower standards for radiation exposure or whether the u.s. didn't trust the information it was getting from japan or whether americans should question other recommendations of the japanese government. white house press secretary jay carney says trying to defend the american recommendations without criticizing the japanese. >> the advice the japanese government is giving based on the information it has is different from the advice that we would be giving if this incident were happening in the united states of america. it is not about the quality of information. it is about standards set by the
8:03 am
nuclear regulatory commission here in the united states and the kind of advice it would be giving should this incident happen in the united states, or something similar to it. >> over, president obama called japanese prime minister kan again. he briefed the president under procedures going on. president obama briefed him on military he's making available. they talked about the welfare of u.s. citizens in japan. the state department authorized the evacuation of americans in tokyo and other areas. they're chartering planes. the military handling air travel for servicemen and women. there are now 17,000 americans on 14 ships in the waters off japan. they will review any questions for missions that go within that 50-mile evacuation zone. steve? >> steve: wendell goler, thanks for the live report. >> brian: three minutes after the top of the hour. more headlines.
8:04 am
>> ainsley: the "new york times" says four of its journalists reporting on the conflict in libya are missing. you see their pictures here. this photographer and tyler hicks, reporter and bureau chief. they were last heard from on tuesday. it's believed that they're in government hands now. 30 women, children and elderly are reported shot dead. to north, artillery fire is reported at the airport in the rebel stronghold of benghazi. the government claims to have retain mizdra, the easy -- no, the residents in the town deny that. the united nations diplomats announcing this morning that south korea have intercepted what might be nuclear weapons material headed to iran. in south korea, officials seized suspicious tubes used for
8:05 am
nuclear material. it was found on board a ship bound for iran. the united nations sanctions committee will begin their investigation this morning. and the house expected to vote today on a bill eliminating all federal funding for the national public radio, npr, public television would not be affected. 2% of npr's budget comes from the federal government. the rest comes from donations as well as sponsorships. the defunding bill is authored by colorado congressman doug lanborn. he says npr doesn't need federal funding and taxpayers shouldn't be on the hook for something widely available on the open market. a highway in california has fallen into the pacific ocean. this happened on highway 1 south of carmel. it is believed erosion caused by heavy rains led to the road's collapse into the ocean. pretty scary. and donald trump taking a shot at house speaker john boehner. in a new interview moments ago,
8:06 am
he called out boehner over his crying. >> i don't like the crying. i do not like it. i don't understand it. i really like him as a person. i think the crying is an emotional thing that frankly, probably makes him a very nice man. we have meatloaf. and he cries. he's a big strong cry and you'll see he cries all the time. and i mean sobbing uncontrollably. i don't understand it. >> brian: he's on "celebrity apprentice." >> ainsley: he's not saying whether he's running for president. he'll announce his decision in june. >> steve: joining us right now from colorado springs is michelle malkin. michelle, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: what do you think of trump right there? >> it sounded like a doctor seuss book there. i do not like it, no i don't. he should write that. i like speaker boehner a lot, but i've also been one of those
8:07 am
who has criticized the excessive public displays of emotion. on the other hand, there are a lot of constituents in ohio who think it helps him connect with everyday people. he is very sincere. he certainly was when he ascended to the speakership again back in january about his family and the american dream, so i'm not going to be too hard on him. >> brian: he's human. i want to move on to the war. general petraeus came back from the war. second war. he took a step back in his career to go reconstruct, restrategize and fight this war. he reported positive results. here is how -- he was treated with respect for the most start until he got to representative lynn woolsey. listen to her assessment. >> general petraeus is giving us the charlie sheen counter urgency strategy, which is to give exclusive interviews to every major network and say we're winning and hope the
8:08 am
public actually agrees with you. >> steve: what do you think about that? >> lynn woolsey is the lindsay lohan of capitol hill. dangerous child who lives in a world of no consequences. that's what it's been like for so many of these progressive left, antiwar democrats, no consequences. no consequences for smearing an american war hero. this is echos of the same code pink strategy back in 2007 when they tried to undermine the credibility of the surge and undermine the credibility of david petraeus by calling him a traitor and a liar. essentially what the likes of lynn woolsey and the code pink coalition in washington are doing are calling him a liar by parodying a rolling stone writer. >> brian: rolling stone, what are they up to? what they did with mccrystal, they tried to take down general caldwell and now putting this
8:09 am
forward as if general petraeus is actually lying to us about the truth on the ground? >> yeah. that's right. first of all, it's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't because if david petraeus didn't come to capitol hill, didn't talk to the media, they'd accuse him of being elite and out of touch and hiding. and here he is, he's open, he's accessible. he's letting people know what's actually happening on the ground and there is lynn woolsey likening him to a drug addled celebrity and insane mad man. these are the people who are really insane. they're guilty of really heinous kind of projection and it tells you everything you need to know about the sincerity of these people when they talk about the need for civility in public discourse. >> ainsley: what do you think about what nancy pelosi said? she said the spending debate isn't about money, it's about morality. let's listen. >> it's not just about the dollars. it's about the values and again,
8:10 am
we can cut in a way that does not undermine our values. it's not about, again, about money, it's about the morality of what we are doing. >> steve: michelle? >> talk to the hand, nancy. she had her time. didn't she? this is a woman whose speakership gave us the band-aid congress, a lack of budget resolution that hasn't happened since the last speaker presided over the watergate era. and somebody who has plunged us into even deeper debt and then used human shields to justify her lack of responsibility. that's hootspa. >> steve: we thank you for joining us this week because we know personally it's been a very hard week for you and your family. your cousin is missing. what can you tell us about her? >> yes. she is 18 years old. she's a university of washington
8:11 am
student. she was living with family off campus in rainier beach area of the seattle area. and she has not been seen or heard from since saturday, march 5. so my family and i have done all we can to let people know in the greater seattle area to show her face and to ask people, anybody who may have seen her on march 5 in the university district area to please, please give police, seattle police department a call. you can find everything about her case at a family web site at we just want her home safe. we're all praying. we have an army of volunteers out there who have been helping. we appreciate everyone's attention and i got to thank you guys for letting me help spread the word here because it's just been agony. >> brian: let's put the number
8:12 am
up one more time. >> ainsley: what's her name? >> her name is marizela perez. >> steve: all right. michelle, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> ainsley: thoughts and prayers with your family. >> brian: meanwhile, straight ahead, he refused to keep working on the fukushima power plant because he believed it wasn't safe. but no one listened. we're talking to that engineer who warned us about a nuclear meltdown in the '70s. >> ainsley: if you foreclosed on your house or had to refinance your mortgage, you might think the worst is over. but you could still owe uncle sam some money, unfortunately. real estate expert bob massi with a tax tip you can't afford to miss this. >> steve: i'm not gonna. >> ainsley: okay, stick around.
8:13 am
8:14 am
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>> ainsley: if you have foreclosed on a house or you had to refinance your mortgage, you might think that the worst is over.
8:16 am
but you could still owe uncle sam some money. in some cases, you're forgiven debt can be taxable income. but fox news legal analyst and real estate expert mr. bob massi says that you can avoid that through the mortgage forgiveness debt relief act. what the heck is that? >> well, this actually was passed under the bush administration in 07. here is the essence of it. and i counsel any of our viewers to get their tax person involved if they have a primary residence and their house was foreclosed on. what this law basically said is, when the difference in what was owed and what the value was at the time of the foreclosure is forgiven, then there is no tax liability under the mortgage relief act. there is a ceiling for that. if a value of the house is over a certain amount of money, it doesn't apply, which is why i want our viewers to work with our tax people 'cause here is what happens.
8:17 am
before this law, let's say you had a house that you owed $500,000 on. and the house is foreclosed on and the value is only 300,000. the irs at that time, they would send you what's called a 1099 and it was if that $200,000 was forgive, was actually income to you and you had to pay a tax. the bush administration said no, no. if it's a primary residence and the difference is forgiven under the mortgage debt relief act, you do not have to pay tax on that difference that was forgiven. >> ainsley: if you're foreclosed, chances are you can't afford to pay at that tax. >> no question. but what happened before that law was passed is people were getting these 1099s saying wait a second. $200,000 i have to pay a tax on, how am i going to do that? i just lost everything. that's why the law was passed. >> ainsley: what calendar years are affected? who can take advantage of that? >> well, this goes from 07 and expires in 2012. what i want our viewers to
8:18 am
understand is that this mortgage debt relief act does not apply to investment properties. so, for example, if you have an investment property where somebody went out and bought homes or condos and they're foreclosed on, that law does not apply to investment properties. that's why tax advisors become very important when you're having any kind of debt forgiven. it's very, very important. >> ainsley: i go to my accountant yesterday and had my taxes done and i just put it in his hands. i don't really know all of these rules. so thanks for sharing this with us. what do we need to tell our accountants when they're doing our taxes? do we need a form to fill out? where do we go? >> there is a form that your cp or accountant will absolutely provide to the irs on your behalf if, in fact, the debt has been forgiven by the lender. and as a result of that, once that's forgiven, that competent accountant or cpa will know exactly what form has to be sent in for purposes of protecting your interests. the last thing i want to say is
8:19 am
this in reference to this issue anyone who has properties that they have lost, i cannot counsel you enough to have a competent attorney review things while you're in the process of either losing your house or investment property and your tax people because many times with good planning, ainsley, even though that mortgage relief act doesn't apply for investment properties, if it's handled the right way with numbers, you may have no tax liability. so get good competent advise, please. >> ainsley: it's a complicated issue. thanks for explaining it so well, bob. >> thanks. >> ainsley: happy st. patrick's day. >> ainsley: coming up, reactors of the japanese nuclear reactor plant that scientists who designed it walked off the job. they thought it was too dangerous. one of those engineers is here next. then an illegal immigrant accused of just killing a war veteran in a drunk driving accident and this is not the first time. why he is still in the country.
8:20 am
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>> steve: quick headlines for you on this thursday. an illegal immigrant now accused of killing a retired army colonel in a drunk driving accident. police say car losramos caused the crash earlier this week. ramos was once deported for drunk driving, but somehow slipped back into the country. then texas house committee has approved a bill allowing licensed gun owners to carry their weapons on college campuses. but a ban will remain in place on guns in bars, churches, hospitals, and at sporting events. brian. >> brian: he's one of the so-called three, three engineers who refused to keep working on one of the fukushima docking
8:24 am
reactors back in the '70s because of safety concerns. they believed the mark 1 reactor was so flawed it could lead to a catastrophic accident. they didn't listen, so he left. retired nuclear engineer joins us right now. dale, welcome. >> thank you. good to be here. >> brian: dale, is this the worst nightmare come true? >> i would say that this is far beyond my worst nightmare. i have no idea that such a sequence of events could get set off where we have three nuclear units probably melting down, a fourth unit with spent fuel pool with serious fires and radiation spewing out of the plant. beyond any comprehension. >> brian: now, you have since gone to explain the first reactor is all ge. 2, 3 and 4 were toshiba.
8:25 am
they didn't plot out where it would go. g.e. just put it together. but when you told them you were concerned about cooing in case -- cooling in case of an accident, what was their response? >> the response -- i was not -- it became general knowledge within ge and the nuclear regulatory commission in 1975 that all of the mark 1 plants were potentially in trouble. they hadn't been designed to withstand the accident sequences that they were supposed to have been designed to. so a large program was started out to reassess that and to see what changes would need to be made or should they all be shut down. >> brian: they didn't change it. they went ahead and built it and you left and other guys. but when you told them the risks here, why did they go ahead?
8:26 am
what did they tell when you they said they had to go ahead? >> i expressed my concern late one night to my boss after a long meeting with the nuclear regulatory commission in washington, d.c i said, we've got to do something. we've got to commit to shutting these plants down if we find out that the analyses that we're getting right now are correct. my boss said, we can't do that. if we shut down all of these plants, there were 16 in operation at the time -- if we shut those down now, this could mean the end of ge's nuclear program. >> brian: so they went ahead and it took a tsunami and earthquake, but it looks like some of your worst fears have come true and we can't seem to be able to cool down any of the four reactors. dale, thanks so much. thanks for sharing your story and your reservations and standing on principle. >> okay. you're welcome. >> brian: steve and ainsley? >> ainsley: power stuff. we're expecting brand-new numbers just moments from now.
8:27 am
a fox news alert after the break. >> steve: on jobs. then who is to blame for high gas prices? the democrats are already getting ready for an all-out assault on oil companyies. wait until you hear what they have planned in front of the gas station. >> ainsley: plus, you can't celebrate st. patrick's day without that green beer and some good irish music. guys from the celtic thunder in the studio to perform. we wiped the slate clean. then we created a powerful, refined and aerodynamic design destined to shape our future. the jaguar xj. automobile magazine's 2011 design of the year.
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than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just arational as it is emotional. >> steve: we got a fox business alert. labor department just releasing the latest weekly jobless numbers. 385,000 first time unemployment claims were filed last week. that is 1,000 less than expected and down from last week. eric bolling joins us live. they were expecting 386,000. down 1,000. it's a wash. right? >> not even a wash. i wish it was good news. it's really not good news. last week was 397,000. that was 26,000 above expectation. so all we did, we came from 397 to 385, 12,000 fewer, that number right there. 385, that is still elevated. it's still way too high for an
8:32 am
economy that needs to be creating jobs. 350, dip below 50 and you might see job creation going on. again, those are first-time claims, people for the first time asking for unemployment benefits. >> brian: what worries me is some of the fallout they say from what's happening in japan, toyota is possibly telling people, you got to work a little less, the overtime is out. different parts companies. that could also affect us here. for example, apple gets a lot of their chips from over there. they're not making much stuff. >> there will be many levels of fallout -- i'm not sure that's the right term. but many levels, the auto makers, anyone who is associated with any sort of power generation, nuclear power generation, ge, and others, they're on a wait and see. >> ainsley: how accurate is this number? we're seeing unemployment, 9%. but i'm hearing it's really 17%. that includes -- >> more. >> ainsley: it's a lot of people out of work.
8:33 am
>> underemployed. people filling in the void trying to put bread on the table. gasoline prices, guys, off the races. 3.55. for the first time, we're above $100 a barrel for oil right now. today, just jumped. one hundred dollars and maybe a quarter or so. boy, oil is a big problem for us. >> steve: it is a big problem. and that's why it's so unusual that chuck schumer, the senator from new york state, is suggesting that democrats, when they're out and about over the break, go out and talk about all the stuff they're doing. listen to this, does it make sense to you? >> here it is. when you go home over the recess, it may be worth doing press events on steps you are looking to lower the price of oil and, therefore, gasoline. >> he says go to gas stations. he goes, plan press events at gas stations and blame speculators, blame oil company, blame opec and don't forget number four on the list, according to politico, blame
8:34 am
republicans still. >> steve: wait a minute! republicans want to drill more. >> they don't like nuclear power or drilling, they don't like oil or high gasoline prices. i'm not sure how you expect to get prices for gasoline down. you got to pick one. it's certainly not going to be a wind mill in kansas that's going to bring our gasoline prices down. >> steve: here is a sound bite from the senator yesterday calling on oil companies -- calling them a name, in fact. >> there is an ongoing debate about opening up more land to drilling, but in the meantime, we should at least be requiring oil companies to develop the leases that they have. just as misbehaving children are sometimes going to hoard toys, they're not playing with, the oil companies are sitting on land they aren't using. >> steve: bad children. >> the government should stay out of private businesses. oil companies can buy land, they can do whatever they want with it. chuck schumer shouldn't have an opinion on what they do with their land they purchase. >> brian: some democrats are for the nuclear power, up until this
8:35 am
incident, including senator schumer. >> yeah. maybe, perhaps. but then we got lieberman and others saying put the brakes on. >> steve: this from the follow the money program, looks like -- >> here are the things going on, steve. japan, libya, union, unemployment, al-qaeda, taxes, gasoline prices, and here is what mr. obama is choose to go do. he's golfing, he's smoking, he's got beer summits. this is our bracket. we came down to the final four. there was smoking and golf on that side with japan and gasoline -- >> ainsley: take this one out. >> the bad news for us is that golf beat japan in overtime with a three-point shot. >> brian: i get it. >> ainsley: when can we watch your show? >> not tonight 'cause we got to
8:36 am
make room for stossel. but tomorrow night at 10:00 o'clock. >> steve: thank you, sir. >> brian: 25 minutes before the top of the hour. let's take a look at a fox news alert. >> ainsley: report of another aftershock in japan. using water cannons now to try to cool the plant reactors. this despite warnings that radiation levels on the ground are dangerously high, and the first chartered flight carrying americans out of japan now taking off from tokyo's airport. the u.s. state department says it will send as many planes in to get those folks out, to get u.s. citizens out of that country. this after a startling report from the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission which says radiation levels are much higher, much higher, they say, than the japanese officials are admitting. the crisis in japan also having an impact on wall street. the dow lost 242 points yesterday. nasdaq and s & p also fell, fueling fears the nation's fragile economic recovery could be going off track.
8:37 am
brian? >> brian: another fox news alert. word now from libya, the government is claiming its troops are now in the outskirts of the rebel stronghold of benghazi. that would be the capital which the rebels hoped to put stakes down. if it's true, it would seem the rebellion is on the verge of collapse. earlier artillery fire had been heard at benghazi's airport. at the u.n., they continue to debate action. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. >> ainsley: the terminally ill known child known as joseph is expected to have surgery as early as this morning. the surgery will allow him to be connected to a portable breathing machine and finally sent home. this 13 month old child now at a hospital in st. louis, missouri, was rescued from a hospital in canada by a group called priests for life. joseph was just hours away from being taken off life support at the orders of the government-run panel in canada. >> brian: tsa screeners at newark airport allowing passengers to board alain with
8:38 am
that steak knife. the blade is about the size of a dollar bill. when the woman turned herself in, when she saw she had a knife in her pocket, in her son's stroller, she said her mom must have put -- she says her mother must have put there so she could cut apples for the child. this just comes weeks after tsa workers in new york to board a flight with three box cutters. similar to those used on 9-11. all right. you're poised to give us the weather. >> steve: i am. we're a block away from 5th avenue, right through those people who are already aborned in green beads will be the st. patrick's day parade. we've got right in front of our building a guy who has got all sorts of hats and other gizmos and whatnot to get people into the spirit. take a look at keith right now. keith is ready. that's a good look for you. very nice. all right. let's go ahead and take a
8:39 am
look -- i'll have to take these off -- at the weather. we've got a little rain in the northern plains on this st. patrick's day moving through the great lakes states. it will be a beautiful day here in new york city, nice and dry, all across the east coast, the central plains, but it continues to rain from san francisco on north through seattle. meanwhile, the current readings as you head out the door, take a look at this, it is chilly in the northern plains. 44 in new york city. mid 30s in raleigh right now. 38 the high there. 43 in atlanta and currently 52 in memphis. one more map shows you the day ahead. at 4:00 o'clock this afternoon, yes, it will be beautiful in raleigh. perfect beer drinking weather if you ask me. 74. actually anything above 30s is good on st. patrick's day. 74 in atlanta. a nice day all in all. meanwhile, chad, one of our
8:40 am
viewers from maryland sent in a jib jab for this st. patrick's day. take a look at this. wait, stop! [ laughter ] ♪ . >> brian: very nice, steve. >> ainsley: you weren't wearing the green. >> steve: brian, why only a black and white photo for you? >> brian: i have certain demands in the animated world. steve, come back in. let me tell you what we have waiting for you. >> ainsley: we're still without a budget for this year and democrats wondering where is the president on this, even they're wondering that. up next, evan bayh weighs in
8:41 am
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and has been a part of every major advancement. but we won't rest until we have a cure. you have dreams... help the alzheimer's association protect them. act now, go to >> ainsley: quick headlines. a bad day for cars. first a close call for two police officers in st. louis. they were directing traffic away from this accident when a car plowed right into their patrol car. they jumped out of the way. later gave that driver a ticket. then a businessman in china hired a wrecking crew to destroy his $289,000 lambourghini. why? , because he was having engine problems. the dealership couldn't fix it. so that's what he did. >> brian: i wrecked mine, too. >> steve: meanwhile, at noon, the senate will start debate on the temporary spending bill which would prevent a government shutdown again. but it only lasts until april 8. so is it time for president
8:45 am
obama to finally step into the debate? >> brian: joining us now is the newest member of the fox team, i believe, former democratic senator from indiana and fox news contributor, evan bayh. welcome. >> thank you. >> brian: first off, do you feel as though there has been a lack of leadership when it comes to the budget in the white house? >> look, i was governor for several years so i've seen both sides. sometimes you have to wait for the legislative process to get to the right point to step in. i think a lot like the president did last december, on the tax cut issue, there have been a lot of bringing of hands, are they going to extend it or not? he stepped in, there was a bipartisan deal and they got it done. i think this will get done around the time of the debt ceiling vote. i expect the president to step in and bring people together. >> steve: another fellow who used to be a governor and is now a senator and also a democrat, joe manchin. >> why are we doing all this when the most powerful person in these negotiations, our
8:46 am
president, has failed to lead this debate or offer a serious proposal for spending and cuts? >> steve: and we understand the political team is saying, don't touch entitlements right now. but the economic team is saying, you really need to do it, mr. president. >> some truth on both sides of this. the president has stepped forward and called for a freeze on discretionary spending. that wasn't too popular with the left. he said he would veto bills with earmarks. it showed a willingness to offend some in his base, some in congress. i expect him to step forward. if he came out right now, his proposal would be a pinata for left and right. that leads to frustration in congress. been there, done that. i understand it. he needs to step up when things are about to come together and bring people together. expect that to happen around the debt ceiling vote that. will be a pivotal time. i would encourage everyone to look at that moment. >> brian: what i find is you had senator joe manchin said that. you also had senator feinstein
8:47 am
said we need the president to lead. harry reid has brought that up. it seems to be there is a reluctance to step forward on something so crucial. >> i think the president is focused on two things. first, when is the right time to maximize -- >> brian: what do you think? do you think now is the right time? we've had two last-minute extension. >> that's frustrating and it shouldn't be that way. i think it's the debt ceiling vote which will probably be in may or june. if he comes out now with entitlement reform, the left will go crazy and say no way. if you come out with tax reform that might raise more revenue, the right will come out and go crazy and say no way. you need to wait for that critical moment when everybody realizes, okay. now we have to get something done. step in, bring them together and get it done. that's exactly what happened with the bush tax cuts. they got extended. >> steve: senator, it is great to have your perspective and thank you for joining us on the fox news team. >> some people suggested i should have been on the couch for years. [ laughter ] >> brian: fantastic. we'll see you at the christmas party, if not on satellite.
8:48 am
coming up. >> steve: get your green on with men in kilts. celtic thunder with music from the emerald isle on this st. patrick's day. ♪ [soft music] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unrestrained. unexpected. and unlike any hybrid you have evernown. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient
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>> ainsley: breaking news on two huge stories coming up. first the u.s. now urging japan to do more, saying they have 24 to 48 hours to cool those reactors. we will be joined by a physicist who says there is only one way to take care of this problem. he will tell us exactly what he believes that is, all that coming up right here on "america's newsroom" at the top of the hour. >> steve: it's st. patrick's day and you can't celebrate without some irish music. the band celtic thunder is here
8:52 am
to perform a song from their latest cd "heritage." good morning, guys. how are you? >> good. >> steve: keith, some people in this country say celtic, but you say keltic. >> i think it's because everyone here calls the celtics. the celtics. >> steve: everybody here is from ireland? >> no, from scotland. >> steve: really? i'm a fifth scotch. but that's something else. all right. now, keith, what are you going to do for us today? >> a song called "placement choir". >> steve: ladies and gentlemen, celtic thunder. ♪ ♪ i met a little girl
8:53 am
♪ and i ask you friends ♪ what's a fellow do ♪ her hair blows back and her eyes are blue ♪ ♪ and i knew right then ♪ i was taking a whirl ♪ down the road with a galway girl ♪ ♪ . ♪ halfway there when the rain came down ♪ ♪ and she took me up downtown ♪ i ask you friends ♪ what's a fellow to do ♪ if her hair was black and her eyes were blue ♪ ♪ and i took her hand
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>> ainsley: welcome back. we have a fox news alert this morning. another aftershock being reported just moments ago in japan. as plant workers there prepare to restore power to water pumps at the failing fukushima nuclear
8:59 am
plant. that could happen within hours and would be a big step in their effort toward preventing a complete meltdown. the first chartered flights carrying americans out of japan taking off from tokyo's airport at this very hour. the white house is fearing that radiation levels there are much higher than theapanese government is admitting. >> steve: one other story let's tell you about. take a look at this video. amid the rubble in japan, look at that dog sitting right there, just all alone. right? >> brian: except for? the dog behind him. >> steve: apparently the dog is sniffing right there, had been injured severely in either the earthquake or the tsunami and the dog, spaniel type, protecting him. >> brian: coming up tomorrow -- that's a great story. >> ainsley: both dogs survived. >> brian: coming up tomorrow, chris wallace gets together with his ex band made, sammy


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